NAMM 2015: Voodoo Lab

Voodoo Lab's Hex Audio Loop Switcher is still one of the best True Bypass Audio Loop Switcher's on the market today especially for its new compact format and the price. The Hex allows you to control all the units that are connected to the Hex on or off status. Being that the Hex has independent sends and returns for whatever unit you connect to, it allows for true bypass of all units connected. Not only does the format of the Hex allow for true bypass of all units connected, it's also built with gold relays sealed in nitrogen to ensure the best signal flow to keep your tone intact, pure, and dynamic. The output also has a buffer. The Hex comes with the optimal format for signal preservation. The functionality of the unit is smart and easy. Hex is able to recall preset combinations of what audio loop is active or not and can connect to Voodoo Labs Ground Control Pro or any other midi controller making it incredibly versatile. If you ever find yourself annoyed with pops and clicks while switching on/off certain pedals, the Hex comes equipped with, "Advanced Quiet Switching" technology to fix that problem. It powers up with any 9vdc output. The unit is perfectly small and the body is designed to fit 2 of the units side by side on a 19" rack space if you were looking to expand. And, for the icing on the cake, it's built with the type of quality you'd expect from Voodoo Lab and comes with a 5 year warranty. WHAAAAT!!!? Yup. Pretty amazing in my humble opinion. Voodoo Labs Hex was my favorite of the bunch and definitely still holds great relevance today.

The units mounted on Voodoo Lab's featured pedalboard this year at NAMM included their Control Switcher, Pedal Switcher PX-8, Pedal Power 2 Plus, Micro Vibe, Superfuzz, Proctavia, Sparkle Drive Mod, Giggity, and Tremolo. Most of  these units have been out and available to the public for some time. That being said they are all worth checking out and are all built with Voodoo Labs Legendary quality and reliability.

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Written by Arthur Pacheco 
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