NAMM 2015: AEA

AEA Ribbon Mics and Preamps was featuring the N8 within the Nuvo Series. Features include:

  • Open and natural
  • Designed for far-field: overheads, strings and room mics
  • Unobtrusive, discreet and video friendly look
  • The same Big Ribbon™ as the R44
  • Phatom powered electronics for optimal performance with any preamp
  • 100% manufactured in Pasadena, CA

You could even take a selfie with Nipper. And, who do we have here? 
It looks like they had some visitors: 

Left to right: Marcus, Adymus, Nahneen Kula, Arthur Pacheco
Left to right: Sammy Rothman, Stephen, Nahneen Kula
Discover more of their amazing micrphones here:

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