Strange Love: Depeche Mode Tribute Band

I met Strange Love, a Depeche Mode tribute band at Sound Matrix Studios yesterday.

Freddie Morales is “Devotional Dave," a Los Angeles-based DJ and even hosted a show on Groove Radio 103.1 FM back in the day.
Brent Meyer- “Counterfeit Martin” founded the original electro rock band FOLIO and has an extensive history in the music business.
David Sepe- “Alan Wildest,” the biggest "Modie" in the band, has his own project as well called The Phylum Chordata. 
Sol Turpin - “In The Fletch” hales from "Safety Orange," one of his original creations. He is a veteran of the tribute band scene playing with The Cured, Blasphemous Rumours, 40 Oz to Freedom, and Labour of Love. 

Read their full bios here:

They have a few live shows coming up in California starting next week and plan to tour literally everywhere (South America, Europe, Asia...). They are an astounding live act not to be missed!

Depeche Mode was the first band I ever tried to remix many many years ago. Click here if you want to hear it. This was when I was first learning Cubase so keep that in mind in addition to it being the first remix I EVER attempted in my life so be easy on this one ;)
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