Survey Winners: Your favorite mobile audio program

The survey results are in and now here are the winners: 

3rd Place:

Looptastic Producer by Sound Trends LLC.

A lot of people use this for creating songs with pre-made loops or DJ'ing live but it's also a great teaching tool to demonstrate how different genres of music are put together. It already separates the percussion, bass, main melody, and vox for you. It's a really fun app.

2nd Place: 

Bebot - Robot Synth by Normalware

This really has a good tone variety with a number of different effects to choose from. There's no need to know anything about music to make awesome melodies because it already chooses the correct notes for you. Just choose a scale to work with and you're set. Try using more than one finger to slide across the screen in harmony.

 1st Place: 


And the number one music app of choice was "Other." With all the new music apps in development, apparently 16 choices didn't cover enough ground. Share what your favorite unlisted app was in the comments section below.
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