Lightning in a Bottle Music and Arts Festival Lights Up Southern California

Photo by Watchara Phomicinda
Lightning in a Bottle Music and Arts Festival Lights Up Southern California

On July 11th-15th over 15,000 festival goers gathered for Lightning in a Bottle music and arts festival at Lake Skinner County Park in Temecula, CA. The festival was a huge success in its first year at the beautiful new site. The festival focuses on sustainability, conscious living workshops and the arts of all kinds, as well as top-notch musical acts across a wide variety of genres.

Photo by Watchara Phomicinda
Photo by Watchara Phomicinda
The event is hosted by The Do LaB, a Los Angeles based event production company, who pride themselves on creating a unique experience beyond just attending a music festival. Anyone who attended the festival would say there is a nearly tangible magic in the air which can be attributed to the amazing art installations throughout the festival, the intoxicating music, good food, free water, the emphasis on keeping the environment clean and most importantly, the kindness and open hearts of everyone at the festival.

Photo by Jorge Meza

Photo by Jorge Meza

Photo by Alex Gaynor

Hear a selection of LIB favorites by downloading this compilation album put together by Critical Beats. 100% of the money goes to benefit the Rainforest Action Network.

Photo by Cameron Jordan

The Do LaB also operates a stage at the heart of Coachella music festival and has recently released a handful of live performances from their stage at Coachella in a podcast series called “In The LaB”. You can learn more about that here

Photo by Jorge Meza

For more information, please visit or

Photo by Jorge Meza
See more photos of the event here: 
LIB 2013 Photo Selects #1 - Photo credit goes to Alex Gaynor
LIB 2013 Photo Selects #2 - Photo credit goes to Jorge Meza 
LIB 2013 Photo Selects #3 - Photo credit goes to Cameron Jordan
LIB 2013 Photo Selects #4 - Photo credit goes to Watchara Phomicinda

The Do LaB introduces “In The LaB” Podcast with select Coachella 2013 Performances.

The Do LaB is proud to introduce our latest creation, "In The LaB," a new Podcast series that will transport listeners into our events, and to where the magic happens. Each episode will feature exclusive live recordings of performances and speakers from our events including Lightning in a Bottle, The Great Convergence, our special one-off events in Los Angeles, San Diego and Santa Barbara as well as our stages at partner festivals including Coachella.
The first series of episodes feature 22 select performances from our stage at Coachella 2013. Over 40 artists were featured on The Do LaB stage at this year's festival in Indio, and these 22 episodes have been released with permission from the artists, and are now available for free streaming or downloading at or via Soundcloud at

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