Tom Cosm Releases "The Megaset 2.0" for Ableton Live

"This is by far the most comprehensive, in depth and professional Ableton Live Template I've ever created. It comes with an arsenal of fresh content and new creative ideas, including:

- A whopping 15 Gigabytes of original audio loops and samples, all chopped up and warped, ready to play.

- Complex Racks for creating new content and mangling up sounds.

- Custom Max for Live patches to speed up various tasks, giving you more time to be creative.

- 31 page manual covering everything from the basics of Live, to chopping up your own tracks ready to jam.

- Launchpad support with Max for Live patches that totally rewire the way they work.

The thing I am the most excited about however, is my new technique of routing audio through a gauntlet of Audio Tracks with Dummy Clips, with the added ability to sequence Dummy Clips (128 of them over 16 Dummy Tracks) using a simple MIDI clip.

I created a device called Dr. Dummy that listens to the MIDI notes you feed it, turning them into Clip Slot triggering messages. This means you can create your own preset sequences of Dummy Clips, or record on the fly using your favorite external controller (or just the computer keyboard.)

I've performed several live sets using this technique already, and each time it blows me away how easy, fun and simple it is to come up with something totally new each time. It's really changed the way I approach live performance, especially when working with pre-rendered audio samples (however you can send synths as well and get the same result).

The Megaset 2.0 download is available right now for Pro Members on a 6 month or more subscription, and will become available to monthly subscribers over time once I figure out a good bandwidth solution!"

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