Matt Lange - Way You Know feat. Tania Zygar & Only You

Matt Lange will be releasing "Way You Know feat. Tania Zygar" and "Only You" on September 2nd through Anjunadeep.

Having produced countless label favourites over recent years, Matt Lange makes a much-anticipated return to Anjunadeep with the double a-side outing of "Way You Know" (feat. Tania Zygar) and "Only You".
Featuring on James Grant's "Anjunadeep 05" mix, the dark and dreamy "Way You Know" blends a deep, drum & bass-influenced approach to sub bass with complex, washing melodies and Tania Zygar's haunting, ethereal vocals. Gradually unfurling to a hypnotic climax with striking pianos, "Way You Know" is another complex gem from the Berklee graduate.

Initially beginning in a more reflective mood with melancholic pianos and organic breakbeats, "Only You" quickly ups the tempo with a chugging tech groove. Again playing heavily on emotion, atmosphere and sonic detailing, "Only You" was a standout track on Jody Wisternoff's "Anjunadeep 05" mix - making Matt one of only two artists to feature original productions on both mixes of the #1 iTunes Dance compilation.

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