eleven tigers

Written by Ryan courtesy of River Rock Review

Eleven tigers is an electronic based music project from London, UK. The most recent release by this solo act slash collective project is the astonishing full length release entitled, 111. With this album, eleven tigers have created one of the more nuanced pieces of music in recent memory, composing a piece that is simply best described as real.

Immersed in the subliminal, 111 speaks an ancient tongue of a higher intelligence. Constant and fast moving evolution becomes apparent early on as the opening track, Clouds, rapidly builds with an almost aquatic funeral ambiance morphing into near indescribable complex percussion and synthetic noise oriented dance beats.  The third track, Night begins where the previous track ends, transitioning into a soft and melodic noodling of various instruments. Quickly this section drifts into a poetic vocal narrative followed by a mystifying lullaby of atmosphere escalating again into a continually transforming dance-like groove. The track Play presents perhaps the most cerebral music in eleven tigers' arsenal, beginning with another enigmatic transition of composition from the previous track into itself. Play develops in a way that brings chills to the listener; with its masterfully coalesced arrangements, beckoning to pretend with a dreamy whisper.

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