Soundwalk 10th Anniversary Recap

This year marked the 10th Anniversary and final Soundwalk as FLOOD moves on to new beginnings. They honored the centenary of Luigi Russolo's Futurist manifesto, "The Art of Noise" by presenting works that refer to, relate to, or are informed by this historical document and precedent. By rethinking approaches to sound production and aural perception, the Italian Futurists anticipated sound art.

"It has been FLOOD's aim to raise awareness as well as engender an appreciation for alternative artistic practices by exposing audiences, along with the larger community, to aesthetic sensibilities and innovative approaches that exist outside those of the contemporary mainstream."

Video courtesy of Franz Keller

"This is a short video of the Long Beach Soundwalk of 2013. This was the last Soundwalk, its 10th anniversary. The beginning of the video starts from the Dome room and then goes outside to eventually com to the Seance and Sound exhibit to seek redemption from the spirit world. Learn about energy plasma rays, marvel at state of the art, 19th century spirit communication devices, and seek answers from the 'Spirit Cage'..." 

Video courtesy of Long Beach Post.

Go here to watch captured video by amokian.

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