2013 in Review: Highlights of the Year


Yet another year has passed bringing forth a new spectrum of audible art and cultural shifts. New for us this year: Ryan and Sarah Rock, founders of River Rock Review and sonic architects of their own, teamed up with us to provide a number of delicious sound discoveries. Expect to see more from them in the future. They also released a number of their own creations this year as "Oneir0naut."

Listen to all their releases by going here.

New and Notable releases:  

undocument remixed six songs from the band "Sex On The Run."

Nahneen Kula released her first EP, "put it with mine," with a full length album expected next year.

Mojo Rising released "On the Horizon" through Cold Busted: 

Mojo was also featured as a guest DJ on discogs taking on a remarkable feat: Creating a broad overview of electronic music over the past few decades.

Maeodi released their debut Maeodi EP:

Clayton Sanders released "Empathic Pastures," poems from his heart.

Here are a few of the other 2013 highlights:

Soundwalk celebrated their 10th Anniversary honoring the centenary of Luigi Russolo's Futurist manifesto, "The Art of Noise" and announced this will be their final year. There will no longer be a Soundwalk in Long Beach exposing passersby to sound art but FLOOD has bigger plans for the future!

Droid Behavior celebrated their 11th Anniversary of INTERFACE and announced the launch of their new sister label, "VRV," headed by Raíz and Subversive as well as celebrating their 3 Year Anniversary of PRIME. Drumcell also made a documentary.

We caught up with Richard Ray, founder of Mother Turf, one of the most influential labels of math rock in Los Angeles and spreading throughout the world.

Dancecult reached their funding goals as well as Dr. Freeclouds and will continue on into the future. 

As 2013 comes to a close, we also recommend River Rock Reviews Year in Review. We hope you've had an amazing holiday and wish the best to our readers in 2014!

What were some of your highlights of the year?
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