Dancecult Crowdfunding Initiative Launched

Dancecult, the open-access peer-review journal of electronic dance music culture, needs to cover core costs to ensure its survival which brought about a crowd-funding initiative. If you are able to help in any way, there are a number of perks available to contributors including event tickets, books, DVDs, and signed vinyl, all of which has been donated by the community. More is being added and each perk is available to those who claim them first. Click here to view the crowd-fund initiative.

About Dancecult

"A platform for interdisciplinary scholarship on the shifting terrain of EDM culture worldwide, Dancecult houses research exploring the sites, technologies, sounds and cultures of electronic music in historical and contemporary perspectives. Playing host to studies of emergent forms of electronic music production, performance, distribution, and reception; as a portal for cutting-edge research on the relation between bodies, technologies, and cyberspace; as a medium through which the cultural politics of dance is critically investigated, and; as a venue for innovative multimedia projects, Dancecult is the forum for research on EDM culture.
Dancecult emerged in a climate crying out for an open interdisciplinary venue for research on EDMC. As a cornerstone of its commitment, it offers participants in the EDMC research community the opportunity to break from reliance on exploitative models dominating the academic publishing industry. It offers a venue that is as rigorous and professional in its standards and appearance as any established journal. It also relies on the labours and passion of a dozen volunteers from around the world.
Most academic journals, and indeed most popular music studies journals, are owned by corporations controlling access to knowledge and profiting from publically (and privately) funded research. We pose a challenge to this scenario, and yet it remains challenging to us as an independent and unfunded operation. Dancecult has essential operational costs that must be met if we are to continue publishing. These costs are listed below. They include server hosting arrangements for four years (the last two and the next two), and the considerable costs estimated to cover expenses associated with upgrading our OJS (Open Journals Systems) platform.

Domain name (2008–2014):                                     $300
Server Hosting VPS Level 2-tx (2011/2012):           $1,100
Server Hosting VPS Level 3  (2013/2014):              $1,500
PKP UPgrade to OJS platform:                               $1,500
Ongoing Technical Support (OJS):                           $2,500
CrossRef Registration Fee (DOI):                            $300
Miscellaneous:                                                         $2,500
Indiegogo and Paypal fees                                       $1,100
TOTAL                                                                    $10,800

Dancecult publishes twice annually and is a unique combination of scholarly journal and magazine. Publishing multi-media content across platforms (in HTML and PDF), the journal features several sections: Feature Articles (peer review), From the Floor (field reports), Transpositions (foreign-language articles), Conversations, and Reviews. Previous issues include special issues on the DJ and Psytrance. Scheduled for April 2013, is a special edition on field methods in EDM guest edited by Luis-Manuel Garcia. The theme has proven extremely popular, with this edition likely to be our biggest yet. We need your support to help make this happen.
Please share the news with your friends and colleagues."
Graham St John, Executive Editor Ed Montano, Operations Director, Reviews Editor
Botond Vitos, Production Editor
Luis-Manuel Garcia, Foriegn Languages Editor

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