NAMM 2013: The Moog Foundation

Photo by eTseven7
The Moog Foundation was located right across from the Moog Music, Inc. booth which is completely separate as a non-profit organization. This is the second year they've had a booth at NAMM. Shown in the picture is Erik Norlander’s Wall of Doom modular Moog synthesizer. The original actually contains six sections in total. The modded Duracell Minimoog will also be presented by Slocum. I strongly encourage you to donate to The Moog Foundation and help spread the legacy of Bob Moog as well as electronic music itself. Read more about what is presented at the booth by clicking here. NAMM attendees will be bringing their photos of Bob Moog to the BMF booth, where they will create a “Remembering Bob at NAMM” wall.
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