NAMM 2013: Vocaloid

Vocaloid 3 visits the U.S.A.! Think back to July 2011 when a famous Hatsune Miku, probably one of the most famous virtual hologram characters in existence, visited Los Angeles and performed before ecstatic fans. The popularity of these virtual characters have been increasing especially among the anime culture and producers from around the world have been composing countless songs using these "singer libraries." Vocaloid 3 was released in 2011 and is now presented at NAMM for the first time. The vocal libraries and main editing software are sold as two separate items and they are also bringing back the voice of the singer Hitoshi Ueki who passed away in 2007.

Vocaloid was developed by Yamaha and is now available in Spanish, Chinese, and Korean. In addition to these 3 new languages, it also still includes English and Japanese. You can make each character sing almost anything you'd like simply by typing in the words and choosing a note. 

They will have a trial version available for download between January 28th and February 14th, 2013. Go to this link for the trial:  
More libraries of singers are also being created by third parties from other voice actors/actresses. 

Here is the complete history of Vocaloid: 

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