NAMM 2013: IZM & Rahfee Zahkee

Also spotted at NAMM this year was none other than L.A. based talent IZM & Rahfee Zahkee making appearances at a number of booths!

IZM is making waves both in the underground and well-known venues
as a producer, DJ, and performer.

"A sound born on the beaches of San Diego and sharpened in the jungles of the LA underground, IZM is setting the EDM standard in eclectic versatility. Izm is a concept, designed to embody a new era of creative culture expressed through the unifying power of Dance music.

The name "IZM" is a play on the suffix ism, meaning: a principle, belief or movement his goal as an artist is to remove people from their ism's and encourage them to live in the moment.

As a producer IZM is recognized for eclecticism, evocation and drive as well as incredible attention to detail. It is a style uniquely LA, cosmopolitan and complex in every way, touching every genre in the EDM spectrum and sprinkling them with rock, symphonic, and hip hop elements. Each track contains unique sound design, coupled with tightly coiled production and torrid soundscapes.

As a Dj, Izm is best known for energetic stage presence and incorporating many versatile visual and live performance acts into his live sets. "the goal is to create the best experience possible, and leave people feeling loved and inspired."

Grab his tracks while they're still up for download!

Rahfee Zahkee used to be a professional bassist with hundreds of gigs and three tours, it all ended one night when he accidentally chopped off his thumb trying to break open a wine bottle (it was reattached). Feeling lost not being able to play the bass during his recovery, he decided to dive into something that wouldn't require his thumb as much, so he got into DJing. After a while of normal DJing, Rahfee wanted more control over his music. He looked into making music live, to have full control over every aspect of it. Now he creates music live digitally and DJ's at the same time. Rahfee Zahkee does everything from weddings, private parties, to underground digital beat battles."

I especially love his experimental journeys as he fine-tunes his craft in controllerism. Get his tracks: 


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